3D Footwear

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These Models are highly detailed for Super High Resolution Renders that can be used for Marketing purpose and also for animation closeup shots. Building Closeup Ready shoe model is not an easy process. It requires time and a combination of skillsets also coming from different softwares.

Initially, on top of what I had learned before, it took me months to master this new workflow, on how to create Top Quality 3D shoe models. Earlier on, I was doing these by myself and it was a very tedious and exhausting job. Now, for some jobs, I divide the task down into my small team. Not only the process speeds up, but I could especially focus more on Detailing and achieving the Highest Quality finishing.

Connect a 15min Zoom call and I will walk you through my process and might also show you some of the files I had worked on. I am happily offering this so that you can be sure in terms of Trusting the right guy and the Expertise required for your task.

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Custom Texture Tiles

Roughly around, 50% of the Textures can be found online or in the local library of a texturing software, but some textures are required to be Custom Made in such a way that they can produce super high resolution renders. For this purpose, a unique process of Model to Texture Baking is required that creates Tile-able Displacement, Normal and AO maps.

If we are lucky, these texture tiles can be directly used in the 3d software for rendering. Otherwise, we may need to mix them up and do some additional tweaking in a 3D Texturing Software to generate the desired look and feel, before getting into the rendering phase.

Midjourney image to 3D HQ Model


3D Model